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When creating a quote for a translation we take into account the number of words, the language combination, degree of specialisation of the text and the urgency of the project. Additionally, we always try to accommodate the wishes and needs of the client. Interpretation projects always require an individual quote depending on the nature of the event, the audience and the location where it is to  take place.

The submission of documents in an editable format (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) facilitates the translation process, although we can work with any format.

Generally, documents are returned in the format most convenient for the client.

Tratamos cada documento con la máxima confidencialidad. Nuestros traductores tienen el compromiso de no revelar a terceros la información que puedan contener los textos con los que trabajan con Diálogo Traducciones.

All translations are carried out by our team of professionals. At Diálogo Traducciones we only work with native translators residing in Spain who are competent in the specialised field of the text and with years of experience to ensure the highest quality of the project.

A Sworn translator is one who is authorised to translate official documents. At Diálogo Traducciones we work with translators who are certified as a Sworn Translator-Interpreter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, pursuant to Royal Decree 2002/2009, of December 23, amending the Regulation of the Language Interpreting Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, enacted by Royal Decree 2555/1977, of August 27.

When choosing between simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, there are three important factors to consider: the technical means available, the duration of the event and, unfortunately, the cost. Simultaneous interpretation requires a soundproof booth for interpreters, wireless receivers for attendees. Consecutive interpreting will extend the event to approximately twice its duration and dimmish the agility of events. And, finally, simultaneous interpreting may require two interpreters for events of a longer duration, with a corresponding increase in cost.

We ensure that the entire process is performed with the utmost rigour in accordance with the particularities of the project and the agreed instructions and conditions.

Of course. We are always open to the possibility of changes to the translated text. Conversely, the client must take into account that, in some cases, changes to the original may involve additional costs. For sworn translations, no changes to the original text are permitted nor can any exemptions be made to the original document.

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